Who pays for the artist? State money vs. private equity


Who pays for the artist? State money vs. private equity

This year Inventio Arts will pursue the series of discussions called Freeport. At the latest stage of our panel discussions we will examine the roles of state and private capital in the funding of contemporary arts, the most sensitive area of the arts funding.
How is contemporary art funded in Europe? How is contemporary art supported by the Hungarian State? How should be the State support? What is the role of art foundations?


- Zsolt Petrányi, Head of Contemporary Collection, Hungarian National Gallery,

- Zsolt Somlói, Private collector,

- János Szoboszlai, Head of Department, Professor, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Art Theory,

Moderated by Gábor Rieder, Editor in chief, Flash Art Hungary

Leaving current practice behind, Inventio Arts Freeport will give space for contribution by the audience not only after the discussion, but also prior to it, by providing an opportunity to ask questions in writing. Questions related to the topic under discussion can be sent via e-mail, and they will be put forth in the discussion with or without mentioning a name as requested by the submitter of the question.

Questions can be sent to Kinga Hamvai , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , until January 22nd, 12.00h

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