X-RAY Texture pack

The exhibition titled X-Ray ‘Texture Pack’ was brought to life by Inventio Arts in Budapest and Ulrike Hrobsky Gallery in Vienna.

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"The exhibition inhabits a former X-ray medical office’s spaces where it reveals the aesthetic and critical projection of the concept of visibility and transparency upon our present information-driven society’s real and virtual correlations.

According to Johan Huizinga playing generally founds and affects the world, and inside it is a factor of culture creating. Playing is a free act, where, however, all participants are governed by the agreed rules of the play. Obligation as an invariant and freedom as a variant coexists in the functioning of a society also. Supervision and transparency’s role has been valued higher in the regulated order. The examination of the former phenomenon, and the understanding of the observer and the observed also provides the focus of the exhibition. The question arises: how deeply does the control, which spreads on life in a wide spectrum, limit the individual’s play field and how well does it serve said individual’s equal opportunities in the game of life." (Viola Lukács)


Zsombor  Barakonyi (H)

Kitti Gosztola (H)

Zsófia Keresztes(H)

Botond Keresztesi (H)

Gábor Kristóf (H)

Márton Nemes (H)

Tamás Réthey-Prikkel (H)

Adam de Neige (A)

Rita Süveges (H)

Dominika Trapp (H)

Vernissage: 2013. September 28., 18:30 

Finissage: 2013. October 12., 18:30

Finissage - Panel talk with the artists: Zsombor BARAKONYI, Gábor KRISTÓF, Adam de NEIGE, Rita SÜVEGES. Moderated by Gábor ÉBLI - art historian

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