Inventio Arts at ARTplacc 2013

Inventio Arts got invited to this year’s ARTplacc contemporary art festival and fair. From 16th to 20th August  ARTplacc Contemporary Art Festival will be organized for the third time near lake Balaton and Inventio Arts will exhibit works by two young Hungarian artists, Zsófia Keresztes and Botond Keresztesi , at the GALÉRIAplacc.

Inventio Arts was founded in 2012 for the support of contemporary dance and visual art. Its main objective is to reunite the Hungarian art scene with the international circulation. The establishment of Inventio Arts comes from a claim, which is the common interest of the whole Hungarian contemporary art scene.  Inventio Arts intends to take an active role in the field of arts management, project-based thinking, as a service which focuses on the untapped potential. Offering a combination of management and development services, along with representing artists, the founders of Inventio Arts are Balázs Arató, art manager and Jarmo Nieminen, art collector.

Zsófia Keresztes: Choose LI (mixed technic, 2012)

Zsófia Keresztes

Botond Keresztesi: Sacred Right (acrylic, canvas, 2013)

Botond Keresztesi

About Artplacc

In August, 2013 ARTplacc Contemporary Art Festival will be organized for the third time near lake Balaton, in the wonderful setting of the Tihany peninsula.
The mentioning of Tihany and lake Balaton evokes pleasant memories in our minds. The festival aims to build on the region’s cultural and social reminiscence by going beyond touristic clichés while acheiving a breakthrough in the area’s cultural life and restoring the former glory of the village. A village, that bears the opportunity in itself to become the contemporary cultural hub of the Northern shore of lake Balaton.
ARTplacc made its debut in the summer of 2011 with a clear motivation of repositioning contemporary art and making it accessible for the broad public by presenting it in a sometimes unconventional, less formal setting.  We hope, that the unbound ambiance of a summer festival can be a delectable recreational experience for an audience a bit cramped by classical, more regulated museum spaces but still open for culture. This year we put a special emphasis on mediation: the festival will be rich in interactive installations, educational programmes, guided tours, talks and discussions.