INVENTIO ARTS Freeport – How Much Is That Much?

Inventio Arts organised an Open Studio Day, which also included a discussion by professionals, on 23 March 2013. „Who manages artists?” was the key question the discussion held with invited experts focused on. So many vital issues have come up in this exchange of ideas raising much professional interest that continuation seems self-evident.

Inventio Arts is to launch a new series of events called Freeport.

What for?

We are convinced that it is of utmost importance to have a living dialogue on issues that are discussed and relevant experiences are exchanged mainly in closed circles, in smaller groups or communities. Inventio Arts Freeport events, in the form of discussions and presentations, are intended to create good practice regarding public discourse on art-related issues with the joint involvement of contributors and the audience.

freeport mennyi

Inventio Arts Freeport

6 p.m. on Friday, 10 May 2013

Moderation by  Gábor Rieder, art historian, editor in chief, Flash Art Hungary
Péter Antal, art collector
Erika Deák, head of Deák Erika Gallery
Gábor Pados, head of acb Gallery
László Százados, art historian, Contemporary Collection, Hungarian National Gallery
Péter Szép, art collector

The discussion is focused on price-making for contemporary works of art:

- How much does a work of art cost?
- How much does a work of art cost if it is Hungarian?
- How to define the price of a work of art?
- How much are Hungarian prices worth abroad?
- What impacts do economic conditions, crisis or boom, have on prices?
- What good or bad experiences have been gained in this respect by an art collector, a gallery or an institution?

Leaving current practice behind, Inventio Arts Freeport will give space for contribution by the audience not only after the discussion, but also prior to it, by providing an opportunity to ask questions in writing. Questions related to the topic under discussion can be sent via e-mail, and they will be put forth in the discussion with or without mentioning a name as requested by the submitter of the question.

We think that the introduction of this procedure is necessary because there is a lack of professional practice in the discussion of art-related issues as well as a lack of debating culture in Hungary. One-sided monologues in the forms of statements and questions frequently occur in professional discourses both on part of the contributors and the audience. The option of sending pre-formulated questions gives greater freedom for the person asking the question, and various issues may emerge in the discussion which may not come up at all when somebody feels reluctant to speak before a larger audience. All contributors in each discussion will receive the questions submitted before the event so that they can give the questions some thought and/or decide whether they wish to respond or not.

Questions can be sent to:
Balázs Arató
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